Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Still Breathing

So I just thought I'd update my blog while my internet actually works. Most of the time it doesn't which is pretty bothersome, but that's the way it goes. So yes, I'm still alive. Things are going okay for me here at BYU. My job is not fun but it's going well. It's custodial so I don't really have to think for four hours out of the day which is pretty nice since the rest of the day there is just way too much information swimming in my head. I have lots of homework and very little time to do it, but I'm surviving. I actually really like my classes despite the homework load. My favorite is probably my World Civilization from 1500 class. It's just so interesting! Women's Chorus is a lot of fun. We had a concert last night and we have another one tonight. We're singing a bunch of Disney princess songs this year!
I'm also a member of the Enrichment Committee in Relief Society in my new ward. I get to go to the Relief Society Broadcast in Salt Lake tomorrow. It'll be nice to have a break from school for a little bit. So funny story: My roommate Caitlin and I sang How Great Thou Art in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. While we were singing, this fly started buzzing around our heads. It hit Caitlin several times in the face. I was trying not to laugh for so long. Then the fly flew into her mouth while she was holding a long note. We laughed through the entire chorus of the 3rd verse. Luckily, the congregation laughed with us and the fly also attacked the bishop while he was giving his talk so we didn't feel too bad. It was pretty classic!
Anyway, I'd better get to class. I hope everyone's doing well!