Tuesday, May 15, 2012

6 Reasons Why My Birthday Was Awesome

1.  I woke up on the morning of my 23rd birthday bruised, battered, and a little stiff.  Over the past couple of weeks I've been playing a lot of ultimate frisbee and other outdoor games (my ward gets a group together quite a bit to go play, I'm on an intramural ultimate frisbee team, etc.) and I've gotten several battle scars.  Everyone likes to brag about their bruises and wounds so now I have a good set to show off to people :)

A friend of mine's cleat scraped down my shin during a friendly game of ultimate frisbee.
My friend accidentally clipped the back of my arm as he barreled toward the safe zone while playing 21.
A frisbee hit me EXTREMELY hard in the forearm.
My partner accidentally stepped on my leg during Sushi Tag.
2.  My old roommate Rhiannon (whose birthday is also May 12) and my old roommate Becca (whose birthday was this past week) got together on the morning of May 12 for a birthday breakfast.  First, we attended the broadcast of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Provo City Center Temple.  We then went over to Rhiannon's "married" apartment and ate delicious waffles with syrup and Nutella.

3.  I received several calls, texts, and facebook messages wishing me a Happy Birthday!

4.  My roommate Heidi gave me the movie The Greatest Game Ever Played.  My roommate Faith gave me a pair of nice sandals and the book The Remarkable Soul of a Woman by President Uchtdorf.

5. My roommates took me out to dinner at Bajio.

6.  When we left Bajio, my roommate Heidi took me to get a movie from redbox for a movie night while Kristin was "dropping her friend off at a bonfire in Provo Canyon."  While Faith and I were getting a movie, Heidi supposedly got a call from Kristin saying that her car broke down in the canyon and that we needed to go help her out.  We drove up there and walked a ways until we came to a clearing where a lot of people from my ward were gathered for a bonfire and ultimate frisbee.  They all ran up and told me "Happy Birthday!" and gave me hugs.  It was my first surprise birthday party! Thanks everyone!

This is the only picture I got from the night.  This is when we were up in the canyon "looking for Kristin to help her with her car."  It was really pretty up there.