Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Work Stress

So I'm at work right now. Normally, all I have to do is a little bit of filing, some scanning, and A LOT of email sorting, but the last couple days have been different. Since Melodie is gone on vacation, I think Frank thinks that I'm supposed to be taking over all of her responsibilities. He asked me to fiddle around with a couple documents and do whatever I thought was "necessary and proper" to them so that the forms would work with the current situation. How the heck am I supposed to know what is necessary and proper? I only started working here a week ago and I know absolutely nothing about accounting. I thought I was hired for easy jobs so that all I had to do was be blindly obedient to Melodie. You know, be willing to file and scan without having to know any details about what I was filing and scanning. So I was stressed for about ten minutes, staring at this document on the computer screen that I was supposed to be changing, sweat gathering in my palms. Finally, I got up the courage to go tell Frank that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and he just said, "Oh, that's okay. It was a stretch anyway. I just wanted to give you a shot at it." Relieved, I walked back to my cubicle and looked at the terrifying document, hopefully for the last time. I just hope Frank doesn't feel the need to give me any more opportunities to progress in the accounting world. That's a land in which I have no wish to travel.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Year of Firsts

So with all this time to relax this summer, I've been thinking (rare occurrence, I know) about all the things I've done in the past year and I realized that this has been a year of firsts. So here are some things I did for the first time in the past year:
  • Stole couch cushions (with every intention of giving them back, I assure you)
  • Looked in the mirror and wished I hadn't worked out the week before
  • Made a snowman (or a snow-woman in this case). We made the Venus De Milo.
  • Rode in a convertible with the top down.
  • Lit a match. I'd only done it the extremely old-fashioned way before.
  • Participated in a human pyramid.
  • Ate at Ihop. While the trip was fun, I've had better pancakes.

Well, I've accomplished a lot this year as you can see. (Haha!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Becoming a Blogger

So I'm starting to feel guilty about the fact that I don't email too much anymore. I know my siblings probably miss reading those now long-gone paragraphs of pure genius that I used to send them every week, so I thought that maybe I should just start up again here in a blog. So if anyone should wish to explore the fabulous contemplations of Celia Christensen, start by occasionally perusing this blog and, perhaps, some enlightenment will come your way. (In other words, if you fancy reading about the seemingly insignificant happenings of a 19-year-old's life, feel free to read this.) Enjoy!