Saturday, May 2, 2009

Completely Pointless but Kind of Fun

So I got this idea from another friend's blog. Here's what you do. You pair your name with one of the bolded words below and type it into Google. For example, George needs or Bob loves. Then see what kind of sentences are highlighted in the results that start with your name and the word or phrase you typed in. These are the sentences that I found for my name:

1) Celia needs to find a way to fit between these two generations.

2) Celia looks like your average 3rd grader.

3) Celia says, "Make a hat your crowning glory."

4) Celia wants nothing more than to be with her beloved, Colin. (Hahahahahaha!)

5) Celia does not like her aunt and her aunt appears not to like Celia.

6) Celia hates winter and has been dreading its arrival, but tonight she barely feels the cold.

7) Celia asks for a new traffic light to be installed.

8) Celia likes Brian. (That's really the best one I could find for that one.)

9) Celia eats high school kids. (That's really what it said.)

10) Celia wears heavy robes that disguise her scales and posture and employs magic if further disguise is necessary. (I got a laugh out of that one!)

11) Celia was arrested for murder and by the winter of that year she had been convicted and hung.

12) Celia loves to travel and is always dreaming of new destinations and adventures.

So try it out. It doesn't take long and it might hand you a few laughs!