Saturday, March 14, 2009

25 Things About ME!

So I have been tagged a lot on Facebook to make a list of 25 interesting things about me. So I guess I'll do that on here, except let's make it 20 things for now:

1. My least favorite noises are chewing sounds. I can't stand it when people chew gum or food with their mouths open. I cringe every time I hear it. (The sound of people swallowing also fits into this category.)

2. I love movie lines! My family can have an entire conversation in movie lines if we want to. "What long has that been there?" or "What's the matter with these scissors" often comes up in everyday conversation.

3. I whistle and hum a lot. Sorry, I don't mean to be annoying. It's just what I do.

4. I am absolutely terrified of bugs. Small, big, name it, I'm afraid of it.

5. I love cooked broccoli with cheese sauce! If someone told me I could never eat anything but broccoli for the rest of my life, I would be OK with that.

6. I love all kinds of music. I love Oldies, Country, Classical, Pop...I just love music! (However, I hate rap, heavy metal, and music with whiny voices.)

7. My dream vacation is to go back east and see American historical sites. (Of course, I would never pass up a trip to Europe.)

8. My favorite weather is partly cloudy. I love the lighting when a small cloud covers the sun for a little while!

9. I can read a certain book, listen to a certain song, or watch a certain movie several times before I get tired of it. But once I do get tired of it, I can't read, listen, or watch whatever it is for a few months.

10. I love to make crafty things. My favorite projects in school were ones that involved posters.

11. I'm not very good about sharing my feelings with other people. If I'm angry or sad about something, I usually just hold it in. I don't really consider this to be a good thing.

12. My favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty...Prince Philip, lines such as "One tsp?", and great music...It couldn't get any better than that.

13. I like to think right before I go to sleep. It's one of the reasons why it usually takes me forever to fall asleep. I just have so much information swimming around in my brain. (Do they have a medication for Restless Brain Syndrome?)

14. I love songs that are in minor keys.

15. Before I die, I want to write at least one children's book, one teenage book, and one adult book. I don't care what critics say about how good literature should never be overly didactic; my books will all have excellent morals.

16. I don't like milk. If I have a a really rich piece of chocolate pie, water quenches my thirst just fine.

17. I no longer have my tonsils. I got them out when I was one and a half or something because they were way too big and they made me snore like an old man.

18. For some reason, dark blue is the color I'm most comfortable in. I wear dark blue a lot.

19. I love learning about the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

20. I have a knack for remembering people's faces. I have a hard time with names.

Well, I hope you all feel more enlightened now than you were before.