Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Year of Firsts

So with all this time to relax this summer, I've been thinking (rare occurrence, I know) about all the things I've done in the past year and I realized that this has been a year of firsts. So here are some things I did for the first time in the past year:
  • Stole couch cushions (with every intention of giving them back, I assure you)
  • Looked in the mirror and wished I hadn't worked out the week before
  • Made a snowman (or a snow-woman in this case). We made the Venus De Milo.
  • Rode in a convertible with the top down.
  • Lit a match. I'd only done it the extremely old-fashioned way before.
  • Participated in a human pyramid.
  • Ate at Ihop. While the trip was fun, I've had better pancakes.

Well, I've accomplished a lot this year as you can see. (Haha!)


Shelley & Steve said...

And I get to be the first to post a comment on your blog! Yea! 'Glad you joined the blogging world.

lisa c. said...

Celia is a blogger!! Woohoo!! I look forward to the weekly updates, I missed those tidbits of humor and nuggets of wisdom that you dished out.

kieljvb6 said...

well i dunno what kind of nuggets lisa was talking about ... but first off you better have been wearing your seatbelt and secondly, why were you at the bottom of the pyramid when there were two other guys? lol