Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Forefront of Weirdness

When I was in my Book of Mormon class at BYU, one of my seemingly ignorant classmates made a comment about California. He said, essentially, that Californians are all a bunch of quacks and that their strange ideas will be the downfall of this country. My professor said, "Isn't it interesting that California is always labeled as the forefront of weirdness?" Well, at the time I was a little offended. California is my home after all. But after my recent day trip to San Francisco, I can easily see why some people may come up with such a stereotype. Now, don't get me wrong. San Francisco is an amazing place.

There are amazing engineering feats!
Barrels full of salt-water taffy!
Cute marine wildlife!
But, I have to admit, that some weird stuff happens too. We ran into a man dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow on the street who lit a basket on fire that contained his daughter, who he later removed from the basket unscathed. Another man was making up rhymes about all the people that walked by him. When I walked by, he said, "Hey you in the polka-dot! Go jump in a pot!" But that wasn't the worst part.

There was evil a-brewin'!
And Hannah found herself changing shape! She's not shaped like that in any other city!

Well, even if it is a little strange, I had a good time in good ol' San Fran! What's life without a few peculiarities?


Shelley & Steve said...

Fun background! There are weirdos everywhere I've every been. But we do have a large population here in CA so there is a great number of weirdos. I think the percentage is either the same or lower here than in SOME places...

Tyler & Brigitte Brown said...

Celia, your quiet humor never ceases to amaze me lol. I laughed the whole time while reading that.....

sparklinstarz said...

heh... heh... heh... hannah's shape... BAHAHAHAHA