Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back at BYU!

Mom and I drove back to Utah this last Friday. We stayed at Brigitte's and Tyler's on Friday night and got to see cute little Logan! It was nice to hang out with them for a while. On Saturday, Mom and I drove from American Fork to Provo. Two of my roommates had already moved in to our apartment and it was great to see them again. We moved in all my stuff which took a couple hours and I think my room turned out okay. There isn't as much storage space in University Villa as there was in Heritage but we managed to squeeze it all in somehow. What do you think?
So I had a job interview today for a custodial job in the JKB and I got the job! I'll be able to pay my bills! Whoohoo! I'm sure Mom and Dad will be happy! Now I just can't wait until school starts and the rest of my roommates get here!


pikula family said...

Good Luck Ceila, keep us updated on what you are doing!!

Shelley and Steve said...

Cute room! I especially like the cinder block walls... ;) Have fun at work! By the way, my favorite cleaner was the lovely pink FoamyQ&A... it worked so well. Let me know your opinion! ;)