Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Giggle Monster

I have been super giggly lately and I can't really figure out why. My hometeacher actually called me "Laughy-Pants" last month. People have told me that they love being around me because I laugh at all their jokes. I can't tell if I am just insane or if circumstances are just funnier now than previously. Here's a list of a few things that have set me off laughing recently. You can be the judge of whether I'm crazy or not.
  • My friend Cora walked into the room for FHE last Monday. My friend Matt started singing Rebecca Black's "Friday" except he substituted Cora's name in for the word Friday. The song went something like this: "Cora, Cora, gotta get down on...Oh! Nevermind!" I was dying.
  • My roommate Heidi was eating a chocolate chip cookie. I don't really know what happened next other than she somehow lost control of the cookie and half of it went hurtling to her left. She put her arm out to catch it, missed, and I watched as the cookie hit the dishwasher, broke, and fell to the floor. I just sat at the kitchen table and laughed.
  • I came across this video randomly on youtube again. It's a parody of Inception that some of my friends in my ward made for a Home Evening activity. Watch it, especially 3:04 to 3:06, and tell me that that doesn't make you laugh.
  • At ward choir practice, the pianist wanted the piano turned around so she could see the choir director. Almost immediately, all of the boys in the room had scrambled over and around tables to get to the piano. Imitating the boys, my friend Leslie ran frantically to the nearest table, pushed it around a few times and knocked everything off of it before running to the piano.
Maybe I am just insane but I thought things were a little bit giggle-worthy.

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