Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year again.  It's that time when we can bake 10 loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread and feel justified in doing it.  It's that time when we can shove handfuls of Reese's M&Ms down our throats and say we're doing it for the sake of the holiday spirit.  It's that time when adults and children alike can dress up like lunatics and approach doors late at night and ask for free candy.  It's that time of year when we can act like the devil's angels and grim reapers and not feel at all sacrilegious.  It's that time when we can get together with friends and watch scary movies that give us nightmares or cheesy old "creepy" classics that make us chuckle.  Really, though.  Who doesn't love Halloween?
I took this picture while on the drive to work on the morning of Oct. 30.  (I know it wasn't technically Halloween but close enough.)  I thought it fit the spirit of the season :)
Picking out pumpkins in Brentwood with the fam!
Bruce was Buzz.
Sophie was an adorable little pumpkin.
Sydney was the cowgirl, Jessie.
Rhyan was a cute little ladybug.
All ready to go trick or treating!
The awesome decoration Brittany and Melissa made.
At the Halloween dance in Berkeley.
Mrs. Incredible and the waitress from Roswell.
I hope everyone had a "spook-tacular" night!  (Yeah sorry, that was lame but it needed to be said :)

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Shauntelle said...

Glad you had a fun Halloween!