Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fun Family Time

It has been good to spend so much time with family here in California since I will be moving to Utah at the end of the month.  Here are a few pictures to document our adventures.
Mom and I visited Lisa down in San Diego about a month ago.  We took a trolley tour out of Old Town and got to explore the city.
The view from the trolley.
On our way to Little Italy.
We stopped in Little Italy to get some lunch.  We ate some delicious pizza and some amazing Italian cake I can't remember the name of.
We did a session at the San Diego Temple.  This is such an awesome building!
After a couple of days in San Diego, we went to Yucaipa to visit Shelley and her family.  Berry-picking with the kids was so much fun.
Mariah and I wore matching aprons.
These little twins couldn't be any cuter :).
A couple of weeks later, we went down to Southern California again for Mariah's 8th birthday and her baptism.
It was awesome to be at this little girl's baptism.  I'm so proud of her!
Back in the Bay, we decided to have a fun day trip into the city.  We rode on the ferry from Jack London Square to the San Francisco Ferry Building.  Sydney and Rhyan were excited to be on a boat.
Jonathan had a good time sitting with us on the ferry.
Sophie was excited to get off the ferry and eat our picnic lunches at the park across from the piers.
Bruce was running around trying to avoid the camera at Sue Bierman Park but I caught him anyway :).
Everly always smiles for the camera.
You can't help but smile when you see this little face.
After we finished eating, the kids played on the awesome playground at Sue Bierman Park.
They particularly loved climbing on this.
Rhyan was an absolute climbing pro!

After playing at the park, we went to the Farmer's Market, the San Francisco Railway Museum, and ate ice cream.  I think the kids really enjoyed their time in the city.  Bruce wanted to have a sleep over in one of the tall buildings.  Sydney asked if we could all live there someday.  But we had to go back on the ferry.  The Ferry Building is one of the few buildings in San Francisco to survive the 1906 earthquake.  It's a pretty cool piece of history!
Some of us decided to sit on the top level for the ferry ride back. It was a little cold but worth it for the view.
Mother and Daughter
We passed under the Bay Bridge to get back to Oakland.  There were some cool views of the Bay from the Ferry.
Sydney enjoyed the ferry ride.
Almost back to the dock at Jack London Square.
It has been a fun few weeks.  Hopefully I can squeeze in another trip to the city before I move!

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