Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Trip to Vegas

Over Christmas break, my old roommate Julie and her husband were sealed in the Las Vegas Temple. My roommate Caitlin, her sister Natalie, and I drove to Las Vegas to be a part of the wedding festivities. I had only ever driven through Las Vegas on the freeway before so it was a new and...interesting...experience for me.

Here's the hotel that we stayed at. I have to say that I found this hotel on my own and I got a great deal on it. Since I booked my own hotel, I think I'm officially an adult now ;)

Our hotel (Tuscany Suites and Casino) was just a couple blocks away from The Strip so we walked down there and saw the sites. Here's the ceiling in...some casino, I can't remember which.

They had some awesome Christmas decorations there.

We waited in front of the Belagio for the water show to start!

And it was pretty awesome!

Just before the sealing, we went to the M&M store.

Then we drove away from Sin City (we didn't participate in the sin, by the way :) and went to the Temple. I took some pictures of the bride and groom but they were just glowing so much after they were married, none of the pictures turned out ;)

Going to Las Vegas was definitely a new experience for me. I don't think there is anywhere else quite like it.


hannahhosking said...

That would be the ceiling in the Paris Hotel. Not that I know anything about Vegas.....

Sherry Lin said...

that celling thing is a chandler made by dale chihuly and i studied it in one of my classes i had. just thought u would like to know. haha

The Christensens said...

Hmmm.... are you sure you didn't have a tiny bit of help with the hotel arrangements? ;-)

Celia's Gibberish said...

Yeah...Remember how I found the listing, looked it up, then called you to see if you thought it was ok? So I guess your stamp of approval on my decision was "the tiny bit of help," haha! I did most of the work anyway.