Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recent Events

So it was my birthday last week. I wasn't sure how my birthday was going to go this year because it was my first birthday away from home, but it turned out to be great! Not much happened on the day of my birthday. I had work and class from 8 AM to 6:30 PM, but when I got home, my old roommates Melissa and Sandee were there to greet me with popsicles and smiling faces. Members of the Relief Society had "candy-attacked" my door. Then a group of us went to the Cocoa Bean, a cupcake place in Provo, to get some desert. Yummy!

The next couple of days, I came home to birthday cards from Mom, Dad, and Grandma, flowers from Lisa, and a package from Brittany containing home made bread, a cute bag, and an excellent selection of candies.

Brigitte picked me up on Thursday night and took me out to dinner to Olive Garden. It was lots of fun and nice to hang out with family. We also headed over to Target to use the gift card Mom sent me. I bought this cute purse

and the movie Leap Year which I have added to my growing collection of movies!

And now for the ultimate birthday present: my nephew Bruce was born on May 16th and he's adorable!

Thanks everyone for making my first birthday away from home so wonderful! I'm 21 now!


Shelley and Steve said...

I want a cupcake! I have almost that exact same purse! I want Olive Garden... I have a new nephew too! ;) We're like the same person. Or at least related.

miss.melissa said...

i LOVE 'leap year.' excellent choice :)
glad your birthday was so good!