Friday, March 2, 2012

February Photo Challenge: Part Two

February 13 - Blue: It was pretty cloudy all week but there was this little patch of blue peaking through the clouds :)
February 14 - Heart: I got this card from my parents in the mail for Valentine's Day!
February 15 - Phone: This is what I look like on the rare occasion that I get a text message or a phone call. (And since I couldn't find my camera, this is the only way I could take a picture of my phone.)
February 16 - Something New: This is the first time I've seen my name on anything when it wasn't referring to me. (Funny story to go along with this: When I was walking through campus last week to get to work, a guy gave me a flier advertising his band's concert at the Velour. I looked at the flier (pictured below) and said, "Your band's called Searching for Celia, huh? That's my name," to which he excitedly replied, "I FOUND YOU!")
February 17 - Time: When we walked into the temple, the sun was shining brightly. When we left it looked like this.
February 18 - Drink: At my roommate Kristin's intramural soccer game.
February 19 - Something You Hate To Do: I had to smash a spider that was crawling on my wall. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy it's dead and that it's not crawling on me as I sleep. It's the fear of missing it and the crunching sound that got to me as I crushed it with my shoe. This is the spot on the wall where the arachnid met its fate.

February 20 - Handwriting: Writing in my "Spiritual Experience" journal that Mom gave.
February 21 - A Fave Photo of You: This is my kindergarten picture. I was cute then ;)
February 22 - Where You Work: Doing the shipping at my sister's sister-in-law's cosmetics company.
February 23 - Your Shoes: My red flats.
February 24 - Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet: I don't really use the actual bathroom cabinet but I do have a "bathroom drawer" in my desk in my room.
February 25 - Green: The pocket on my green shirt.
February 26 - Night: I tried to take a good picture of the moon but that didn't work out so well. This is the best picture I could get. It's the tree branches outside my window.
February 27 - Something You Ate: I didn't eat this, obviously, but I most definitely ingested and enjoyed it :)
February 28 - Money: A paycheck.
February 29 - Something You Are Listening To: My country jams.

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