Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Quirks

- It's always good for me to talk to someone intermittently throughout the day.  If I don't I tend to engage in what I call a "spewing session" with some poor unfortunate soul I happen to come across at the end of the day.  By the way, the definition of spew in the dictionary reads, "to come forth in a flood or gush."  The poor unfortunate soul I mentioned earlier has to listen to a flood of words gushing from my mouth for quite some time, leaving me feeling relieved and the listener overwhelmed.
  • Example:  I was walking back to my apartment after watching Game 3 of the Spurs vs. Thunder series.  As I was crossing the road, I heard a voice calling my name from one of the cars passing by and realized it was my friends Russell and Tiffany.  They pulled over, probably expecting to be there for only a couple of minutes to say hello.  To their surprise, however, I proceeded to tell them all about my vacation over Memorial Day weekend, my plans for the Fall, etc.  The monologue finally came to an end when Russell said he had to go to the bathroom.
- I love British period drama and I love the nineteenth-century British literature it's usually based off of.  When I was five or six, my sisters and I would watch the six-hour long Pride and Prejudice twice a day.  (Yeah, I started early.)  I received a collection of all of Jane Austen's books for Christmas one year and I've read each book at least twice.  I love Jane Eyre, both the novel and the most recent film adaptation.  I've come to appreciate and love Elizabeth Gaskell's works.  I've checked out the DVDs for Cranford, North and South, and Wives and Daughters quite a few times from the Provo Library.  And even though Downton Abbey is set in the twentieth century, I definitely won't pass that up either.  What can I say?  I'm a girl.

- I really like to play sports.  I love volleyball, basketball, tennis, ultimate frisbee, softball, hockey (non-ice), flag football, etc.  If I were any good at soccer, I would like that one too.  The only problem is I hate to get sweaty and gross.  So I have a love of sports and an aversion to getting all nasty.  Bad combination?  Yes, but luckily my love of sports wins out most of the time so I get some exercise throughout the week :)

- I like to read history books and watch documentaries in my spare time 'cuz I'm cool like that.

- I am not the type of person that opens up blinds and windows as soon as I wake up in the morning.  I do not have to be in the sunlight every hour of every day.  It is pleasant to be in the nice warm sunlight every once in a while but I'd much rather be in the shade.  Some people may find this depressing but an area with dim lighting can sometimes be my happy place.  The downside to having a fair-skinned, red-headed parent is that I burn fairly easily so, needless to say, the sun is not always on my side.  Give me a partly cloudy day where the sun is periodically covered by fluffy white clouds and I'm a happy camper :)

- I am a very organized person.  Some people probably think I'm borderline OCD.  So I like my room to be clean.  And I like my movies to be in alphabetical order.  I like my books to be organized by genre.  I like all of my food to be on one side of the fridge.  Yeah, maybe I am a little overly-zealous about organization, but you will all be jealous when it only takes me one second to find my Bourne Ultimatum DVD and it takes you five seconds to find yours :) 

- I notice things about people that others find kind of strange.  I once met a person who said that the first thing she noticed about a person was their eyebrows (which made me very self-conscious about mine for the rest of the time I was in her company).  So at least what I notice first about someone isn't something like that.
  • I notice the way people talk.  Since I'm kind of a mumbler myself, I notice how people enunciate words.  I also like to see how people talk depending on where they are from.  People from Southern California speak differently than those who have grown up in Utah, for example.
  • I notice the way people eat.  I grew up in a home where my mother always told us to chew (both food and gum) with our mouths closed.  Because of that, I notice when other people don't and it GROSSES me out!  This is something I probably need to get over :)

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