Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I'd like to chronicle the last couple of months of my life with pictures.  However, many of these pictures need explanation so I will be describing them for you...and there are a couple of events that I didn't think to snap any pictures I'll be telling you about those things, too :)

It's bathing suit season so Heidi and I started doing a work-out video.  Well, Faith had a little get-together with some of her friends one time and I came out of my room and snapped this little gem.  They were far more into that work-out video than we ever were, I can tell you that much :)    
Our ward had an activity up in some canyon (that I can't remember the name of at the moment).  There was a zipline, campfires to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over, and a field to play ultimate frisbee on.  It was fun!
My ward has put together a couple of intramural teams during the spring and summer.  I was able to play on the ultimate frisbee team which was a lot of fun (even though we kind of stank).  I watched and cheered on the sidelines at a number of intramural soccer games as well.  Go Provo YSA 168th Ward!
I've been wanting to start an online business for a while.  I make painted wood wall hangings, mostly of vintage looking advertisements.  I designed, drew, and painted this one.  I'm thinking of making a tropical fruit set!  What do you think?
  •  I turned 23.  (See a previous blog post for further details.) 

One of my best friends, Hannah, married my friend, Wes, in the Oakland Temple over Memorial Day weekend.  It's so crazy to go to a wedding for two people you've known all your life!  I'm glad I got to go home to support them.
The Oakland Temple :) It was such a beautiful day.
We had such a great group of Clayton Valley 1st ward members our age to grow up with and most of us were able to make it to the wedding.  We had to pay tribute to our years in probably the most rowdy Sunday School class that ever existed in the history of the Church.  Go CV1 (and the Class of 2007, I guess)!
While I was home, I was able to spend time with six of my nieces and nephews.  They're so cute and fun!  This is me with my niece, Sophie, at CV1's Annual Memorial Day Breakfast at Newhall Park in Concord, California.
We had a ward campout near Yuba Lake in Utah.  Despite the crazy number of bugs, I actually had a lot of fun.  The stars looked incredible, the company was great, and the food tasted so good!
So this is my friend Andrew.  He supposedly never takes a bad picture so there is a contest going on in our ward to see who can take the worst picture of him.  While we were all standing around talking at the campout, I decided to take a random picture and this is what I got.  It's still isn't that bad of a picture but it was the best I could do.
We went boating at Yuba Lake the second day of our camping trip.  It was a great activity but also a little exhausting.  Being thrown violently from a tube (twice), lounging in the hot sun, and swallowing lake water can really take all the energy out of you.  Trust me; I know from experience.
We've been trying to get to know more people in the ward so we like to invite different apartments over for dinner on Sundays.  This is a group of us sitting in our living room after a FANTASTIC meal!
After Institute the other night, my roommate Kristin decided she wanted to blow some bubbles.  Then we decided to draw pictures with sidewalk chalk outside of our apartment complex.  Yes, there is still a little kid inside of all of us :)
I've been doing a lot of reading this summer.  This is the normal amount of books I usually have checked out from the library at any given time.

  • I played Quidditch.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  A friend of mine got a group together from the ward to go up to campus and set up a Quidditch field on the lawn in front of the Maeser Building.  The Chasers tried to throw the Quaffle (a frisbee) through the hoops (hula-hoops) at each end of the field. The Beaters used their clubs (tennis rackets) to shoot Bludgers (blow-up balls) at the opposing team.  The Seekers tried to find the Golden Snitch (a tennis ball) that had been hidden prior to the start of the game.  I was on the Ravenclaw team, and we battled the Gryffindor team through three grueling matches.  We only won one match but that's okay.  Members of Ravenclaw House are known for their intellectual capabilities not their physical prowess.  I still think we did pretty well.  (By the way, pictures of the event just popped up in my news feed on Facebook so I stole them to put on here.  Yep, that's how I roll.)

So that's what I've been doing.  Life is hard but summer activities prove that life can be fun sometimes :)


Shauntelle said...

I enjoyed seeing pictures of your fun summer outings, Celia!

hannahhosking said...

seal, you should totally set up an etsy shop and sell your crafts! you do such a great job and i think people would definitely buy your stuff.

also, CV1 forever.

Brigitte said...

I'd be happy to help you with a shop Celia! I think for most people, it's just the whole $0.20 charge that keeps them from doing it. And a few other things. But it's great. And your items are pretty darn unique!

I loved this update. :) Hopefully we can come see you very soon!