Friday, May 31, 2013

Classic Celia Moment #2

There are many positive things that come with the beginning of spring and summer. 

Warmth.  Flowers.  Day trips to the beach.  Bonfires.  Good movies. 

But the warmer half of the year has its downsides, too.

Wildfires.  Heat stroke.  High energy bills.  BUGS.

That's right.  This is yet another post chronicling Celia's horrible experiences with insects and arachnids.  Enjoy CCM#2:

A client came in to meet with my boss.  I got up from my desk to go tell him that someone was here to see him.  When I sat back down at my seat at the front desk, telling the client that Jeff would be with her shortly, she said, "By the way, this crawled out of your mail."  She opened up a napkin to show me the pincher bug she had just killed.  Hoping against hope that this was just a one-time thing, I proceeded cautiously with my work.  The next day, while innocently checking my work email, I was resting my elbow on the desk when I felt a little tickle on my arm.  I glanced down to find another pincher bug crawling around on my desk.  I stood up quickly, knocked it to the floor with my pad of paper, and stepped on it about six times before the nasty thing finally died.  I came into work the next day hoping that my harrowing experiences with pincher bugs were finally over.  As it turns out, they were.  However, that doesn't mean that other many-legged creatures did not move in uninvited.  While eating my lunch, I felt something crawling on my leg.  I looked down and saw a spider crawling on my thigh.  Those who know me well would be proud to know that (out of reflex) I smashed the thing with my bare hand.  The last straw came the next day when I shifted some papers around on my desk that hadn't been touched for a while.  When I sat back down in my chair, I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye.  I shouldn't have been surprised to find another spider but I was.  Its size made me shrink back against the cubicle wall.  A spider the size of a silver dollar (maybe that's not that big to you, but it's big to me) was crawling all over my papers.  I tried to crush it with my trusty pad of paper but missed and it fell back behind the desk out of reach.  At this point, I went to my boss and said, "I think we need someone to spray for bugs."  After recounting all of my experiences over the past week, he told me to move my computer and all of my work materials to the empty office down the hall.  So, by default, I am no longer the front desk person and I have my own office.

Here's me in my "temporary" office, happy to be away from the front desk after the culmination of that nasty ordeal.

Another bug story to illustrate my hatred of anything bug-like:  When I walked in to work a couple of days later, I could hear a cricket chirping in the kitchen.  My boss (who hates camping) kept saying, "Who needs to go camping?  We've got the sound effects of nature right here."  We ordered in for lunch that day, so we were all in the kitchen at the same time.  The cricket (which we discovered was underneath the fridge) kept chirping away.  Finally Jeff got up to move the fridge and Stephanie grabbed a cup to trap the cricket in.  After the fridge was shifted and there was a confirmed siting, Melodie exclaimed, "There it is!  It's jumping this way!" and started knocking over chairs to try and catch it.  I let out a little squeal and crossed to the other side of the room.  After I found a spot that appeared to be out of the danger zone, I looked up to find everyone laughing at me.  As it turns out, the cricket hadn't moved at all and Stephanie already had it safely trapped inside a cup.  Yes, I know I'm a wimp.

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