Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things I've Learned From My Nieces and Nephews

With the arrival of a new niece this very morning, I have been reflecting on how being an aunt has changed my life.  I now have ten nieces and nephews and two more are on the way.  Interacting with each of these cute little kids has taught me a number of valuable lessons. 
  • When a kid says "Don't tickle me!" with a sly smile on his or her face, they really mean they want to be tickled.  In fact, sometimes they want to be tickled far more than you want to tickle them.
  • If you start doing something fun and exhilarating with a child, they will never want to stop.  If you twirl them around once, expect to do it about 50 more times.
  • If one child is playing with a toy, the other child will want to play with it, too.  A fight over the toy will ensue.  The toy is taken away.  Then both children will be playing with each other again two minutes later as if nothing had happened. 
  • No matter how much you try to hide how you're feeling, little kids pick up on your emotions.  If you are sad, they know.  If you are angry, they know.
  • Little kids pick up on everything you say and often repeat it back.  So be careful what you let slip out of your mouth.
  • Most importantly, my nieces and nephews have taught me about the things that matter most.  They find joy in the simple things.  They see a picture of Jesus and they smile.  If you ask them where they are going to get married someday, they say, "The temple," and promptly start to sing the primary song, "I Love to See the Temple."  They love and show affection without reservation.  They forgive and forget.  They want to learn and improve.
I love these little (and not so little anymore) bundles of joy.  Here are my wonderful nieces and nephews (in order of their birth):

Mariah Mae Jordan - 5 years old
Logan William Brown - 5 years old
Jackman Scott Jordan - 4 years old
Sydney Olivia Keogan - 3 years old
Bruce Wayne Christensen - 3 years old
Erica Allison Brown - 2 years old
Rhyan Patrice Christensen - 21 months
Jace McKay Jordan - 18 months
Sophie Elysia Keogan - 17 months
Terah Elise Brown - born this morning :)
How can you not love all of those little faces?

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Shelley and Steve said...

Nice post. They are pretty good kids too.