Friday, October 18, 2013

How the Tables Have Turned

I was looking back at some of my old posts from when I first started out as a blogger back in 2008.  (It's crazy how fast the time has gone, right?)  I reread this post and I had to laugh a little bit:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Work Stress
"So I'm at work right now. Normally, all I have to do is a little bit of filing, some scanning, and A LOT of email sorting, but the last couple days have been different. Since Melodie is gone on vacation, I think Frank thinks that I'm supposed to be taking over all of her responsibilities. He asked me to fiddle around with a couple documents and do whatever I thought was "necessary and proper" to them so that the forms would work with the current situation. How the heck am I supposed to know what is necessary and proper? I only started working here a week ago and I know absolutely nothing about accounting. I thought I was hired for easy jobs so that all I had to do was be blindly obedient to Melodie. You know, be willing to file and scan without having to know any details about what I am filing and scanning. So I was stressed for about ten minutes, staring at this document on the computer screen that I was supposed to be changing, sweat gathering in my palms. Finally, I got up the courage to go tell Frank that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and he just said, "Oh, that's okay. It was a stretch anyway. I just wanted to give you a shot at it." Relieved, I walked back to my cubicle and looked at the terrifying document, hopefully for the last time. I just hope Frank doesn't feel the need to give me any more opportunities to progress in the accounting world. That's a land in which I have no wish to travel."

I wrote this when I was 19-years old and I was home for the summer working for three hours a day as a secretary at Brother Unalp's CPA firm.  Now, here I am five years later, working for the same CPA firm.  This time around, though, I'm not just filing and scanning; I upload bank statements into our clients' files so I can allocate transactions and reconcile accounts.  I compare reports to bank statements to make sure there aren't any discrepancies.  On top of that, I am doing corporate paralegal work for Jeff's (Brother Unalp's) law practice.  As Jeff would say, I think I have officially gone over to the dark side.  And the saddest part is, I am actually kind of liking the dark. ;)


Cait said...

Do they have cookies? :)

Celia's Gibberish said...

Nope, pastries. Seriously though, we get pastries every Wednesday :)