Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Finals Week

While this next week is bound to be a stressful one, I'm so happy that the semester is almost over! After this week, I never have to take calculus again! Miraculously, this semester just flew by. I still have to pull off some good scores on my finals in order to get a good grade in the class, but knowing that the end is near just makes me so happy!
Since my roommate Shauntelle is getting married next week, we decided to have a Girl's Night last night. We reserved the University Villa lounge and watched a Christmas movie. It was fun to sit and eat finger food and drink Martinelli's with everyone!

We also put up Christmas decorations a couple weeks ago. We have Christmas lights that go along the ceiling in our living room. I hope we leave those up all year round. I also put out the manger scene that Mom made.

I can't wait for Christmas break!

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Shauntelle said...

I LOVED Christmas time in our apartments. It was heavenly sitting around in the room with just them on. Good times...