Friday, February 3, 2012

Country Music

I've been a fan of country music since I was in fifth grade. The long melodic lines and the stories that are told in each song really capture me. However, when I share my musical preferences with other people, they give me funny looks, groan, then proceed to tell me that country music is all about drinking, tractors, and cows. While I have to admit that quite a bit of country music is about that (I think the advertisement that precedes the following videos is actually about a truck as a matter of fact), you're missing out on some great music if that is all you think country music is. Here's some of the music I've been listening to recently:

You may not like it but I love it!


Brigitte said...

The traditional country music sound isn't very appealing to me. I like Taylor Swift and L. Antabellum, but the others are just TOO country for me, haha. I'll give you one thing though, you're far more likely to find meaningful lyrics in a country song than say R&B or pop, which tend to just be full of vulgarity or anger and resentment.

Omi said...

I like them all.

Ricci said...

Love it all! And yes I am always nervous to tell someone I like country music!